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The Lady with the Secrets, Cynthia T. Scorpio

I’m Cynthia, welcome to my little home on the internet. I could tell you that I’m a transsexual escort and dominatrix in the Seattle/Tacoma area. However, I can tell you so much more. I started out as a small town girl from the western slopes of the Rockies. Life has made me more intricate, but my simple background will always stay with me.

I graduated from the University of Washington. There I studied psychology and sociology, spending most of my time in classes that dealt with human sexuality. I have always been fascinated with human desires, both for the simple elements that sustain our intimate connections with one another and the more taboo aspects of the fetish BDSM world.

I’m here to discuss these things, to help guide you if you need guidance. For this reason I consider myself a keeper of secrets. That is my true service to you. You already know some of my own secrets. You know that a few tattoos are concealed under my blouse and skirt. You know that something else is concealed there as well. You know that despite being quiet and reserved I have a taste for adventure and intimate connections. So don’t be afraid to trust me with your secrets. What is shared between us will be kept between us.

And know that if BDSM is not a subject you enjoy that is fine with me. I enjoy discussing the more basic topics of human intimacy just as much.

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